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Our Story

Bexar (pronounced “bear”) is a nod to our Texas heritage. Our recruiting experience started 30 years ago in Texas, where we originally specialized in engineering and IT staffing.

As the recruiting industry has evolved and the advantage of having a specialized, propriety database has diminished, we have expanded our expertise to include accounting, finance, and other professional recruiting.

The Bexar Company - Based in Dallas, Texas

Who We Are

“Who will go with old Ben Milam into San Antonio?”

– Benjamin Rush Milam

Founded in Texas, our roots trace back to one of the greatest heroes of the Texas Revolution, Benjamin Rush Milam, whose passion for independence and legendary call to arms (“Who will follow Old Ben Milam into San Antonio?”) galvanized a small group of Texans to win the first battle of the revolution, a war that ultimately resulted in Texas winning its independence.

That spirit of fierce independence endures in Texas and its people to this day. Along with a willingness to put in the hard work, it is this bold spirit that has made Texas the place to be and established it as a thriving economy for both employees and employers.

Our Story

Why We Don’t “Specialize”

In the past, working with a recruiter gave you access to a proprietary database of candidates in a particular field or knowledge base. Today we live in the age of LinkedIn and online job boards where we have access to an enormous pool of passive candidates that vastly outnumbers any recruiter’s candidate database.

Working with a recruiting firm that specializes in your industry has become irrelevant. Instead, it is now vital to find a recruiter that has the ability to truly understand your hiring strategy, your company culture, and what your ideal candidate looks like. And most importantly, the biggest advantage to working with the right recruiter is having someone who can identify the right fit for you and be able to tell your story persuasively.

As an employer, you don’t need a good job description. You don’t need a huge database of candidates. What you need is someone who can tell your story to the candidate as good or better than even your most enthusiastic employee.

At The Bexar Company, we have the expertise to attract top talent through effectively marketing your opportunities to the right candidates.

This is what makes The Bexar Company your best choice and your biggest value-add partner in recruitment.

Our Core Values

Our team is driven to achieve excellence through a commitment to our core values, The Five Pillars:

1. Pursue Greatness.
2. Purpose to Enrich the Lives of Others.
3. Practice a Solution Mindset.
4. Promises Made are Promises Kept.
5. Provide Equal Opportunity.


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